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An Alaskan water well drilling company located in the Mat-Su Valley.

Clearwater Wells water well drill rig
Clearwater Wells water well drill rig

An Alaskan water well drilling company located in the Mat-Su Valley.


Good, clean water coming out of a new water well in May 2019.


We offer water well drilling for both residential and commercial customers seeking new wells in both the Mat-Su Valley and almost anywhere on Alaska's road system. When you call us, we research your property and all nearby wells so that we can provide you with as much information as possible so that you can plan and budget accordingly. We want to make your well project as stress-free as we can!  


After we drill your well, we can install your well pump as soon as you are ready. We offer pump installation at low rates for our drilling customers.  We also can help you find the right excavation service to install the pump and plumb the line to your residence. 


Have you been having problems getting enough water, or is your water dirty? Call us and we can help you diagnose the problem.  Our driller and owner, Frank, is an expert when it comes to water system diagnostics-- and then getting your water issues fixed! We replace well pumps at highly competitive rates, and we can get to your well repair or pump replacement quickly.


Our general drilling rate for residential customers in the broader Palmer and Wasilla areas is $42/foot. Call us today at 907-795-2531 with your specific location so that we can tell you your rate and any potential charges so that you can start planning for your new water well. Just because you are outside of the Mat-Su Valley doesn't mean that we can't help you-- we can travel to other locations on the road system and we also drill year-round!

About Us

About Our Company


Clearwater Wells is a water well drilling company owned by long-time Mat-Su Valley residents Frank and Carin Meyer. Frank and Carin live in Palmer, Alaska, with their two sons.

Frank is an experienced driller and mechanic who also owns Meyer's Equipment Repair, a heavy equipment and mobile mechanic business that he has operated for many years. Frank expanded into water well drilling after working in directional drilling and then with a local water well drilling company here in the Mat-Su Valley. 

Clearwater Wells is a member of the Alaska Water Well Association ( logo).

Clearwater Wells is a member of the Alaska Water Well Association and is licensed, bonded, and insured.

 Frank and Carin own an Ingersoll-Rand air rotary drill rig that can drill quickly through tough terrain. They consider themselves fortunate to employ their nephew, Mitch, as their hard-working drilling roustabout. 

Both Clearwater Wells and Meyer's Equipment Repair are Inupiaq/Alaska Native-owned and operated.  

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Clearwater Wells, LLC

Owned by Frank and Carin Meyer

Email us: carin@akclearwaterwells.com

7700 N. Norman Circle, Palmer, AK 99645